Furniture you want to use so hard

Brodey Carpenter _ Owner/ Creative Director @ Dredge Design
Avid boulder-er, bboy, musician, and fashion/ design world enthusiast. Simply put "I just wanted to draw stuff and make things.".  

Dredge Aesthetic

Dredge is a "new breed" of furniture company. We're calling it Mech-Tech Modern. Inspired by forms and concepts of dystopian and techwear fashion; and the idea of long term durability in both material selection and construction. Material processes also play a large roll in the final look of a piece, for we embrace the constraints of tools and let them leave their mark, to craft a story of how a piece is created. 

In a nutshell:
Crisp sharp lines, mechanical connections, exposed structure & honest materials.  




The form of each piece should always be exceptional, no matter the age or state of decay of the finish. Silhouette, construction, and function are top driving priorities of each design. Finishes are picked based on durability with the concept that eventually a finish will wear and the material underneath that finish had better be real. 

A piece should function perfectly for it's intended purpose, but sometimes second, and tertiary functions can't help but appear. Furniture is made to be touched, used, and in time, burnished and worn.

Bottom line:
When you are tough on your gear, or live a drive it hard and put it away wet lifestyle, why stop at the front door? We want to bring you furnishings that live the way you do. 


100% PNW Made

Dredge is located on the remote wild rivers coast of Southern Oregon. We Design, manufacture, assemble, and ship from our headquarters. We're currently in the start up phase of life, and are slowly growing, continually adding to in house manufacturing capabilities. Certain processes like laser cutting and metal forming aren't in our wheel house so we've scoured the state of Oregon looking for the best fit in both shop capabilities and personalities to help us bring our designs to life. 

Dredge works closely with local vendors for the majority of materials sourced for our products. Specifically working side by side with local sawyers in the area gives us a primo selection of indigenous coastal woods at our fingertips.   

Because Dredge Design is a lean company we don't stock a large inventory of items. Most pieces are built to order allowing Dredge to remain lean, and provide excellent quality control. This means that once an order is placed you may expect a lead time of 1- 6 weeks, depending on the size of the order and pieces involved.